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Build your own Payables Solution.

Fexco Payable APIs have been built to streamline and simplify the payment processes for our clients. Our flexible APIs fit in to your workflow to so you can configure your customer experience.

Getting Started

Using FEXCO Rest API is simple and secure. We have designed a Token Based Authentication approach to implement authentication between the front-end application and the back-end API

Step 1 : User requests access with username and password

Step 2 : Application validates credentials

Step 3 : Application returns signed token to the user

Step 4 : User stores the token and sends it along with every request

Step 5 : Server verifies the token and responds with requested data

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Streamline & simplify your payment processes with our payable APIs

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AP Automation and ERP Integration

Integrated payment platform

Multi-currency rate conversion

Payee management

Bank detail validation

Restful APIs to facilitate a clean flow of payment data

Quick and easy integration

Developed and documented with developers in mind to save on cost and time of large scale integration.

Grow your business

Leverage our payment network to enter new markets quickly.

Enhanced customer experience

Payouts in 130+ currencies and supports settlement in 15+ currencies. Our bank API validates multiple bank details, removing costly payment errors and delays

Safe, secure and compliant

Our APIs provide secure, reliable and fast communication. ISO 27001 Certified, with AML and sanction check management.

Build your own Payables Solution

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Safe, secure & compliant

As a regulated financial institution Fexco Corporate Payments uses robust client asset procedures to keep your funds protected.

In October 2016, Fexco Corporate Payments became the first Irish payments provider to achieve the esteemed ISO 27001 Certification.